Why can’t I authorize my shop in StorePilot?

For a fresh WordPress installation with WooCommerce installed, this will usually work right out the box without any problems. But if a problem occur and you get an infinite loader, here is a checklist to help you solve the issue:

  • Check that you have the latest StorePilot version
  • Check that you have the latest WordPress version installed on your site
  • Check that you have the latest WooCommerce version installed on your site
  • Check that your site is using Pretty Permalinks
  • Check that the Rest API is enabled in WooCommerce settings
  • Check that no security plugins or themes is blocking the Rest API by temporary disabling it
  • Verify that your server can handle pretty permalinks
  • Don’t connect with URL’s using subpages like: example.com/wp-admin but paste the root of your domain, like: example.com

Can I connect with StorePilot using subdomains, IP addresses or localhost?

Yes, StorePilot can connect to any type of domains.

Is SSL / HTTPS required to use StorePilot?

We recommend using HTTPS as it will make your communication with StorePilot more secure, but it is not required. StorePilot does also encrypt NON SSL / HTTP requests, but HTTPS will be more safe.

The media uploader does not upload my images, how can it be fixed?

It is now required to install the StorePilot Helper Plugin to get the image uploader to work properly.

I don’t need all the features of StorePilot, can features be disabled?

By installing the Helper Plugin you can now enable / disable parts of StorePilot based on selected devices. All devices connected to your site using StorePilot will also be listed.