ListCategory: Bug reportDuplicate Product not possible
Gunther Goeldner asked 2 years ago

If I duplicate a product, it doesn’t duplicate, it opens a window to change titele and slug, but if you click on save, it doesn’t create the product. The only option then is to close the window. Both ways of duplicating are not running, wether with right-click in the list view on the product nor on the top right in the side bar this button.
I use Mac app.

steffan Staff replied 2 years ago

Could be because server is blocking content-length. Error will be generated now if error is caused by server response 414 and can be resolved by updating POST LIMIT size in php.ini. Update with error response is coming in version 1.1.7

Stephan replied 1 year ago

how high must the value be set?
It is currently at 300M and the error message is still displayed.

steffan Staff replied 1 year ago

@stephan Can you send a WooCommerce system status report of your site to Then we can investigate further, 300MB should usually be enough.