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Awal Apps asked 2 years ago

are you welling to support dokan ?


yenni replied 5 months ago

Good afternoon, gentlemen of support.

Currently we have enabled the “single Product sell” functionality, we are the main store and we manage the catalog centrally and our sellers add products from that single catalog to their store, Dokan provided a solution to this need.
Our products can be one with multiple variations such as Length, width, caliber among others.
If we add another variation (That is, we have the product in Version 2), is it possible for the Seller to take those changes?
The “sell this Items” button does not appear, since the distributor had added it before, he is not taking the variations.
What alternative can we review? I greatly appreciate your advice.
Excuse the English.

steffan Staff replied 4 months ago

Hello yenni!

I am sorry, but we have no plans to support dokan.

Regards Steffan