StorePilot 1.3.0

Spreadsheet export & import

Now you can export and import orders, customers & products using StorePilot. We also added a picking list document for incoming orders, which adds barcode of SKU next to each product line so you can easily scan the products while picking.

The PDF engine is replaced and does now generate PDF’s that support most languages and invoices can have custom text.

We recommend to update WooCommerce, WordPress and StorePilot helper to the edge for this version of StorePilot to run smoothly which will also fix many other bugs. We have also decided not to ship the desktop version to the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store from now on and you will instead have to buy it from this site. Android and iOS applications will continue to be available on App Store and google Play.

Of course we also fixed a bunch of other issues and other improvements, please see the full log here:

  • New features

    - Spreadsheet export
    - Spreadsheet import
    - Cross-sell & up sell selection mobile
    - New PDF engine with better localisation support
    - Custom text for invoices
    - Checkout of existing orders

  • Fixes

    - Custom order statuses will now show up
    - Last image in galleries can now be removed
    - PDF exports will now open in your default PDF application instead of browser
    - Found and fixed bug which caused copy and paste not to work properly
    - Fixed bug which made tax to be wrong for discounts and custom fees
    - Many UI / UX improvements for mobile and desktop
    - Updated translations - more strings does inherit from WooCommerce

  • Additional updates

    - StorePilot for desktop will only be sold from and no other markeds anymore
    - Documentation has been added and will continue to be improved