StorePilot 1.1.0 release notes

Barcode Scanning and Stripe Terminal checkout

In november StorePilot has already been out for one year and we are still experiencing increasing interest to it. So, thank you all for pushing us further with new ideas and holding us motivated to making yet another brand new release for you!

This time we have focused on making the Point of Sale (POS) section more user friendly, so we can now proudly present – Barcode Scanner and Stripe Terminal support, natively integrated in to StorePilot.

Please note that the Helper Plugin is needed for all features to be available, else have a look at our changelog.

Changelog – 1.1.0

  • Feature: Customer selection in POS
  • Feature: Barcode scanner support with meta fields
  • Feature: Stripe Terminal support in POS
  • Feature: Cash calculator in POS
  • Feature: Invoice generation for orders
  • Feature: Delivery notice generation for orders
  • Feature: Customization of order documents (logo, address, bank account number ++)
  • Feature: In stock / out of stock table cell in products table
  • Enhancement: Loading indication in dashboard
  • Enhancement: Tax support in POS
  • Enhancement: Improved document design for order receipts
  • Enhancement: Improved Point of Sale design and layout
  • Enhancement: Improved products table design and layout
  • Enhancement: Added file names in media manager
  • Enhancement: Better responsiveness on layout
  • Enhancement: Displaying version of current helper plugin installed
  • Enhancement: Added helper plugin installation instructions
  • Bugfix: Jetpack does no longer cause products to show as ‘changed’ when they are not

Also for the upcoming releases we have decided to present some of the features we still think is missing in StorePilot. This will be worked on in the next coming months.

Mini Roadmap:

  • Translation support
  • Remove/hide features based on admin roles
  • Better media manager
  • csv/xlsx export/import
  • 80mm printer support for receipts in POS
  • More checkout options, ex. pay with mobile
  • Improved design

Thanks again for using StorePilot. It has already come a long way to make Store Managing faster and more fun, but we are always looking for new ways to make it better. If you have any ideas, finding bugs or simply having a question, please feel free to contact us at

Have a great day!


Using Linux? Find you’r architecture at our github page.

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